My Photographer’s Statement



From the time my Aunt gave me a Brownie camera kit when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, I have had varying degrees of interest in photography.  In high school I helped a friend develop and print film in his room.  It seems that I always had some sort of camera around me.

During the service I discovered the free photo lab at Fort Bliss with another friend and continued to dabble in processing and taking images.  I was stationed on a small army post in Germany and bought my first SLR camera.  It was a  Pitri brand and I added a few lens over time.  I had a new family and slides were a big thing back then and I took 1000’s of them over the years.  You could develop Ektrachrome slide film yourself and pop them into plastic or paper slide holders.  Just a few years ago a friend offered to convert all of them to digital images so I still have everyone on the computer instead of housed in boxes in my attic.

Although I did a lot of photography, I never really learned how photography worked. How you could control light and your camera rather than it control you.  In later years I had taken some more college level course on developing and printing Black and White images.  I even bought a large developing sink and before I could even hook it up to water digital photography arrived.  I was early enough in the digital age to easily sell the sink and start a digital studio.  My first DSLR was a Fuji S2. Pro.  A great camera in which I owned each level up to the S5.

Now I was getting serious and joined the Fort Worth Camera Club and quickly realized that I needed to really understand photography rather than just shooting on program.  I found a great instructor in Steve Kozak and went to many of his classes and Summer workshops around the country.  Steve like to say that “P” on your camera mode dial doesn’t stand for Professional.

Of all the things I have learned and done in photography my proudest accomplishment is learning how to control light  and use the camera effectively.  I’m now in control of my camera and “P” truly does simply mean program not professional.

I consider myself an advanced amateur.  I do sell my work and it is on display in many homes and locations around the country.  I search out more abstract and artistic opportunities rather than landscape, animals or even people.  Composition and exposure are extremely important.  I’m an “Old Style” Photographer in that I enjoy post processing but don’t enjoy manipulating a photograph.  If I didn’t capture the image correctly then that’s my fault.

I also enjoy printing my work as well as matting and framing.  An image really never comes to life until it is printed.  The bigger the better.

I hope you will enjoy my photography shown in this site and contact me direct if any image calls you to enjoy for your own.

Timothy Battle



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